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The best way for chatbots to actually understand your customers

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At we’re introducing a new method that reshapes how chatbots work. From the beginning, our company has been focusing on building a chatbot ecosystem that gives companies access to the best performing engines of the market. Our current offering is both a middleware layer and a low-code software platform, that gives our customers access to 40+ cognitive AI services.

The next level of chatbot automation

Companies can easily create high performing and scalable chat & voice bot experiences with the Blits platform, without leaving our online drag & drop environment. This enables them to achieve maximum performance on any use-case in any language for their chat & voicebots.

In addition to our unique ecosystem, we are introducing the newest addition to our offering: Blits Automate.

Blits Automate helps companies automatically select the best underlying conversational AI engines for your chat & voicebots. Meaning you no longer have to search and optimize the performance of your bots across various market services in order to select an engine that understands your customers’ questions.

“Blits Automate saves time, improves customer satisfaction, and truly enables your company to focus on building conversations that add value to your business.”

By automatically scanning your user conversational data and NLP model, our battle-tested algorithm Blits Automate selects the best engines fitted for your use-case and language. By continuous tracking of performance, customer input, and data validation, Blits Automate is able to switch to the best fit at any point in time, making sure your chat & voicebots are understanding your customers’ needs, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

A use-case of how Blits Automate adds value

One of our customers has built a wholesale bot that is able to order and re-order food & beverages via WhatsApp messages. In order for the chatbot to correctly identify which amount, type, and brand the customers want to order, the bot has to fully understand all elements in the given sentences. This concept is known as entity detection and is part of every advanced chat or voicebot.

The challenge is that every entity engines work differently, and the results differ quite a lot. By using Blits Automate the platform was able to identify that Facebook’s was more than 10x more effective in detecting specific entities compared to Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and Microsoft LUIS for this specific use-case. With these improved performance results, handling costs decreased substantially and customer satisfaction improved.

No one size fits all

Simply copying these findings from one chatbot to the next won’t work. Every use-case is unique and requires a different set of AI engines working in the background. With Blits you no longer need to spend a lot of time selecting technology and testing the performance to find the optimum for your specific bot.

And if the field of AI changes and a better engine comes along, Blits will automatically apply the latest techniques to make your bot perform better than your competition, leading to less frustration with your customers, more satisfaction, and less cost of human intervention in customer processes

Blits Automate works autonomously and is compatible with all engines in our platform, ranging from Microsoft, Google, IBM to Nuance and Stanford NLP. This is a must-have for companies that want to make sure their bots are ready for a high amount of users around the world.

Want to know more? Contact us to get a demo of the new Blits Automate, or sign-up for a free account to get instant access to our ecosystem with 40+ cognitive & conversational AI services.

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What is is the AI Ecosystem which combines the AI power of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, IBM, Rasa, Wit, Amazon, Stanford, and many others in one platform.

Build, train and deploy chatbots and voicebots with:
- Generative AI models (GenAI)
- Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
- Gain control by adding Conversational AI flows to GenAI

Choose from a multitude of Large Language Models (LLM's) to train your bots.

At scale, for any type of use-case.

Focus on building a bot with the perfect tone of voice for your audience, and switch / optimize the underlaying AI Technology later.

Always stay ahead of the competition with 'Blits Automate', giving your bots the latest combination of AI tech that fits your use-case automatically.

Reuse templates between bots, creating multi language/country/brand interactive communication on your existing channels (WhatsApp, Slack, Twilio, Web, Salesforce, etc.)

Connect backends to build smart bots (Automation Anywhere, SAP, ServiceNow, UIPath, SQL databases, APIs, etc).