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Benchmarking Conversational AI – Whitepaper

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Chatbot technology is improving every day. Artificial Intelligence (AI) underlaying chatbots has caused a better understanding of the intentions of users, and better replies without the need for more training.

Yet, chatbots performance still varies widely depending on use case. Why is this? And what can you do to ensure your chatbot is amongst the best in your industry?


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Summary is the low-code Conversational AI Ecosystem which combines the AI power of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, IBM, Rasa, Wit, Amazon, Stanford, Nuance in one platform.

How we are different
First focus on bot creation and then effortlessly choose the optimal underlying AI technology from major providers. This ability to change the technological backbone of your bot at any time with a single click provides unmatched flexibility and adaptability, thus making a revolutionary tool in the field of conversational AI.

It's all about the message
Focus on building a bot with the perfect tone of voice for your audience, and optimize the underlaying AI Technology later.

Automating AI technology choice
Always stay ahead of the competition with 'Blits Automate', giving your bots the latest combination of AI technology that fits your use-case automatically.

Use your existing channels
Reuse templates between bots, creating multi language/country/brand interactive communication on your existing channels (WhatsApp, Slack, Alexa, Twilio, Web, etc.)

Connect to your data
Connect backends to build smart bots (Automation Anywhere, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, UIPath, etc).