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An Introduction to the Blits Conversational AI Ecosystem

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Hello my name is Len Debets. I’m founder and CTO of Blits.

Blits is chat & voicebot platform for organizations who want to digitize their workforce. Transforming your organization into a digital one is quite hard and requires a lot from your employees and their capabilities.

Our platform will help you on this journey.

Let me quickly show you around our platform.
Use our drag & drop interface to build smart and user friendly chat & voicebots that make a difference. Combined with version management you can edit your conversation designs on the fly. And directly deploy the new version to your users in seconds

Select between multiple engines with the click of a button, this gives the full flexibility for every use-case in every language.

Connect to any communication channel for voice & chat, like Google, Microsoft Teams or an API.
Need another channel? We will implement it. Or just use the API function yourself. Create new bots within 60 seconds. We support any use-case, ranging from HR Bots that help your employees, Finance bots for purchases orders, Customer support bots with live handover to people in your call center, to E-commerce bots that make buying your product more convenient than ever.

Intergrate bots with existing company systems and data. ERP’s like SAP, robotic process automation tools like UIPath, CRM Systems like Salesforce, or create your custom functions with our REST and SQL connection builder, which are easy to maintain.

Maintain all your bots in one simple overview, with our dashboards and widgets. Use analytics, data and smart suggestions to improve the performance of all your bots. Create templates that can be re-used across your organisation, to share learnings and improve overall quality.

Our roles based access system, gives your full control to decide who can do what in the platform.

Our platform is developed along 3 core principles:

First: We are technology agnostic.
This means our data models are designed to switch with one click of a button between major engines including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Raza and IBM. And if there are new engines needed for you from the market, we’ll make sure we integrate it.

Second: Ease of use.
Our easy to use low-code solution will work across multiple teams and is very easy to learn.

Third: A complete lifecycle.
This means out-of-the-box, our platform provides tools to train, analyze, maintain and improve your bots, so that also later, when your bot project teams are dissolved, you’ll make sure these get better and better over time.
At Blits we enable, CIO’s, CDO’s, conversations designers, bot builders and innovation leaders to access a large ecosystem of cognitive AI engines, via one-click of a button.

No longer do you need multiple platforms, to access these capabilities.

And this will help you and your team to create smarter and better machine learning driven bots, which really transform your use-cases to digital ones. And the best part is, that will make sure that your bots will run 24/7 anywhere, anytime with any system or any channel.

Want to know more about how our platform can help your organisation in the digital transformation?
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What is is the AI Ecosystem which combines the AI power of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, IBM, Rasa, Wit, Amazon, Stanford, and many others in one platform.

Build, train and deploy chatbots and voicebots with:
- Generative AI models (GenAI)
- Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
- Gain control by adding Conversational AI flows to GenAI

Choose from a multitude of Large Language Models (LLM's) to train your bots.

At scale, for any type of use-case.

Focus on building a bot with the perfect tone of voice for your audience, and switch / optimize the underlaying AI Technology later.

Always stay ahead of the competition with 'Blits Automate', giving your bots the latest combination of AI tech that fits your use-case automatically.

Reuse templates between bots, creating multi language/country/brand interactive communication on your existing channels (WhatsApp, Slack, Twilio, Web, Salesforce, etc.)

Connect backends to build smart bots (Automation Anywhere, SAP, ServiceNow, UIPath, SQL databases, APIs, etc).